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  • Higher education: Management Courses
  • Higher education: Economic and Financial Courses
  • Banking & Industrial: Presentations and short courses
  • FRM & CFA training content development institutes
  • Content development for other training houses.
  • Detailed Project Report (DPR’s): Detailed financial and economic viability of projects for banking and Financial Institutions.

The content development process is iterative in nature and the more iteration passes through it, the better it becomes. The process of content development has evolved over the last decade. Earlier, the focus was on printable content which had limited means of distribution. Now, is desired in interactive content and application format and many times in the form of presentations.

The team at The Dissertation Solution follows international standards of referencing and ensures that the content is plagiarism free and ready for use. We follow a Blind Peer Review process for all the content developed by us. This Ensures quality and structure in place while laying a lot of emphasis on content quality in terms of its relevance. The content That We Develop is checked for language, grammar, format, factual errors and logical flow accuracy. Since we cover a vast range of subject areas, the prescribed style of writing is always kept in mind. Our writers have experience of writing and editing content for several publications and courses.

Our first step for content development Starts With understanding the target audience for which the content is to be developed. The content prepared by us is customised to the needs of the students and tailor made to suit the course curriculum. Our presentations are crisp and impressive, with images added for better understanding.

The process moves over to understanding the mode of data transfer for the content and like other aspects of content. The mode of content creation is DECIDED ACCORDING to the technology available to the student for delivery of the same. The content in new formats can be distributed as well as greater preserved with ease.

Pictures and sounds have a recall value greater than just printed words. HENCE, we deliver video content that covers the subject matter without being verbose.

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Content in video format and films are developed by us when the end requirement is to not have an interactive content. Specially animated films and video shoots are also part of the process for the video format of the content. Content voice over is also our specialty with regulated voices making the content more interesting.

When you are working on a project that is crucial for your career or academic growth, certainly you would want it to be as impressive and impactful as possible. Assistance from us will be of value to your academic career and help you master your subject effectively.